Top Steamboats to Try in Singapore

Singapore’s steamboat offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. The best among the lot are:

1. Tsukada Nodo: Famous for the detailed presentation, you will never find the Tsukada Nodo empty. The crowd puller is popular for the Bijin Nabe collagen hot pot. The pot is a mix of seafood, vegetables and chicken dunked in chicken soup loaded with collagen. The chicken is specially imported from Japan, and the high quality Jidori chicken is what adds to the extra flavor. When brought to the table, the white gooey mass floating over might make you wonder about the taste, but once it melts the flavors burst in your mouth. The meal is wholesome and nutritious. If you do want to make it for dinner her, be sure to book in advance.

2. MK restaurant: Known for its Roast Duck and Thai Hot Pot, MK restaurant is the latest addition to the list of Singapore’s steamboat that serves the best hotpots. The signature dish Thai-style suki pot glazed with MK secret sauce is a hot favorite. For those who want to sample the menu, order the MK Suki Platter which serves small portions of all the restaurant favorites. As for dessert, you must try the coconut milk ice cream. Another recommended dish is the jade noodles and crystal fish egg balls.

3. Nan Hwa Fish Boat: As the name suggests, at Nan Hwa Fish Boat, the best fish head steamboat is served. The restaurant opened its doors in 1927 and still stands as a strong contender. The taste is uncompromisable and unaffected with the passing of time. The steamboat is heated using charcoal and the broth emanates a sweet inviting aroma. The choice for fish includes grouper, promfet, snapper and song fish. The sweetness of the broth is balanced out by the addition of umami. If fish head isn’t something that you would particularly try, choose from the zi char menu for jind du pork or prawn rolls.

4. Hai Di Lao: Infamously famous for the long ques and waiting that exceeds 2 hours on a busy day, the steamboat offered at Hai Di Lao is worth the wait. To pass time while in standing in line, there are board games, free manicures and snacks to keep you fueled. The choices are Sicuhan spicy hot pot, seafood, laksa or chicken soup base. What’s more you get a live performance from the noodle master when you order for the handmade noodles.

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