Pros and Cons of Injectable Under Eye Fillers

woman with one eye closed, zoomed in image of her facial skin

Even though fillers can really refresh your face and make you look quite young and beautiful, it is good to understand that every good thing is expected to have a little downside too. Let us learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of this simple medical procedure. Read more about the beauty procedure here.

Advantages of Under Eye Fillers

  • Non-Invasive, No Anesthesia – this is one of the most preferred skin treatments as it does not involve going under the knife in any form. And since it does not require any form of incision, there will also be no need for any type of anesthesia or something any other solvent used as a painkiller during the procedure.
  • Simple procedure with less treatment time – Most doctors today make use of the cannula, a blunt tube which requires just one poke that applies the hyaluronic acid to the dermis. You can be well dressed and do it, without having to take your clothes off. The time taken to finish the treatment is also amazing, as it can be done within 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Results are almost immediate – The results of the treatment are evident almost right after the procedure. You do not have to wait and wait unlike other skin improvement therapies.  Immediately you are done, you can almost see the dark circles disappear. Thus, you know if you have gotten the desired results right away.
  • Suitable for a variety of skins and skin types – No matter the type of skin you have, this procedure can be used by you. And it does not also require several tests to ascertain if you are able to have the treatment.

Disadvantages of Under Eye Fillers

  • Must be topped up every three to six months – The results of this simple, non-invasive treatment may not be as long lasting as other dermal therapies. As a basic principle, the result of the procedure may not exceed three to six months, so it will be advised by the dermatologist that the procedure be topped up frequently to renew its effects on the skin.
  • Higher chance of a mishap if applied by a rookie – Extra carefulness should be exercised so that someone without a proper anatomy of the eyes, or someone without the care needed to deal with something as delicate as the human eye does not treat you. More harm than good can be done. Be sure to go to a reputable aesthetic clinic and seek a senior or experienced aesthetician for your procedure.
  • May be a little bit expensive- The fact remains that this procedure may be a little bit expensive for some as the basic rate both in Singapore and every other parts of the world. Presently you can get it done anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000.
  • Might not be advisable if you have allergies – One of the questions that your medical personnel will ask you about are your allergies. If you have some delicate allergies, the professional might recommend some other treatment options. For example, if you have a bleeding allergy, it can affect how much of the under eye can be filled.