Rejuran Treatment in Singapore

The world is changing. We’re in the 21st century, and you know what that means; innovations. Innovations are everywhere; from our kitchen appliances, to our means of transport and entertainment. Another sector that hasn’t been left behind when it comes to innovation is the beauty industry. Rejuran treatment in Singapore is amongst the newest trends in the beauty industry. Singaporeans don’t seem to get enough of skin rejuvenation, and Rejuran is doing just that miracle for them.

What is Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran healer treatment is an anti-aging treatment which is used to reverse the effects of aging and repair damaged skin. We love to refer to it as a ‘skin booster’. Most anti-aging treatments make use of hyaluronic acid, but it is different with Rejuran. This treatment contains polynucleotides, molecules which contain numerous nucleotides, hence the name ‘poly’. Nucleotides are the building blocks of ‘DNA’.

The main concept of Rejuran treatment is to protect and heal. It protects and heals the skin while at the same time reversing the signs of aging; quite amazing if you think about it. The Polynucleotides (PN) heal wounds by stimulating the factors of growth and through increasing microcirculation. Another interesting fact is that Polynucleotides aren’t the only components in Rejuran; there is also Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN). These are a sub type of PN that come with lots of benefits to the consumer.

A lot of research has been based on PDRN and findings made. Studies have shown that PDRN assists in healing wounds that are associated with diabetes, inclusive of foot ulcers. When it comes to animals, PDRN is used to revive the dying skin tissues and heal wounds.

Why PN/PDRN used in Rejuran is acquired

If you’re intrigued by the science behind Rejuran healer treatment, then you’re in store for more. The next question that we’ll answer you is where the PN and PDRN used in Rejuran is acquired from. Salmon sperm cells are the source of this PN. The PN is then rigorously purified to remove any harmful proteins and antigens that may be harmful to the human body.

Salmon’s DNA is so much like the human DNA. Is it safe to use it? Yes, it is. As mentioned above, it undergoes a rigorous purification process which removes proteins which may cause immune reactions. On March 2010, a study was done to investigate the effects of salmon DNA on the human skin. Results showed that by just rubbing it on your skin, there is an immense improvement in the elasticity, hydration and texture of the skin.


Rejuran treatment comes with lots of benefits. Your skin elasticity and hydration are improved, wrinkles are reduced, your skin is repaired, and the skin texture and tone improve. These are four reasons why you should turn to Rejuran treatment. Singaporeans aren’t foreign with this treatment. They have tested it and seen the benefits accrued by it. Rejuran is the new real deal when it comes to your anti-aging skin treatment.