Four Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language In Singapore

In a country like Singapore, which has four official languages, being multi-lingual is a big asset. Singapore is slowly emerging as an international hub for business and culture, which is encouraging a lot of Singaporeans to go in the pursuit of foreign languages like Japanese, Korean, German, and Spanish.

There are multi-fold benefits of learning a foreign language. Let’s take a look at four most prominent benefits of learning widely spoken foreign languages.

1. It makes you a part of the global world scene

With globalization kicking in, learning a new language can give you the much needed competitive edge. Being proficient in widely spoken languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English can be your entry into the global world.

2. It makes your college or job application look great

All the best colleges and universities in the world stress on the importance of knowing a second or foreign language. Knowledge of a foreign language elevates your profile. Learning a new language often requires discipline and the same is reflected in your application.

3. It makes traveling overseas easier

If you’re often bitten by the travel bug, then you should make it a priority to learn different languages. Even if you don’t wish to master all these languages and be called a polyglot, you can learn a fair bit of the most important languages in your list and try to develop them over time.

Locals love it when a foreigner makes an effort to speak their language. This doesn’t just make traveling to other countries easy, but also makes it fun. If you plan to travel to Korea in a few months, you should pick a course in the many available Korean classes in Singapore and improve your Korean conversational skills.

4. Improve your brain power and mental health

Believe it or not, learning a new language has its own psychological perks. When you’re learning a foreign language, you’re not just learning that language, you are also improving your first language. Being bilingual or multilingual can help improve your cognitive skills and make you a better decision maker.

Learning any new language is equivalent to achieving something great. Learning languages like Chinese and Korean, which are gaining a lot of popularity in Singapore, can be a good way to start your multilingual journey. There are several Korean classes in Singapore, which can help you develop your Korean writing, reading, and speaking skills in no time.

A Shuttle Service That Picks You From Your Front Door

Traveling can get you in a tizzy especially when you have to board a flight. If you haven’t a confirmed ride to the airport you are bound to be stressed. It can get quite daunting choosing a shuttle service that delivers on its promise of reliability and service. Here are a couple of tips that will get you on the Bluebird shuttle Melbourne to airport in time for your flight.

Plan well in Advance

If you make an online booking make sure that you provide a time that is well in advance. Take into account that the shuttle may have to deal with obstructions like traffic snarls, tolls or even construction along the way.

Check out the Competition

Rates matter in the market that we live in, so there is no harm or foul if you factor in which service suits your pocket. The industry is competitive so you need to factor in what suits you and stick to the schedule.

Luggage and Restrictions

The airport shuttle service has a certain number of bags that you are permitted to carry. If you are travelling with a pet, check this out with the service if this is permitted as per company policy. Once you find the right company, ensure that you have the dates and time right.

Follow Up

A shuttle service to the airport is the best deal but you too have to do your bit like so with follow up. Most companies cross check schedules with customers, especially if the bookings were made in advance. Nevertheless, a few hours before pickup, call in and confirm the booking. It doesn’t matter if you follow this up a day in advance as well.

Are you the Only Passenger

Find out with the company if you are the only passenger using the door-to-door shuttle service. If so, you need not worry about losing time. However, if you have to stop for other passengers, you may have to make the reservation in advance. You can also stipulate the need to stick with a no additional passenger clause.

The Bluebird shuttle Melbourne to airport factors trips to and fro for adults and kids. The rates are dependent on the location – South Yarra, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Richmond, St. Kilda Road are on the higher scale. North, west, east Melbourne, Carlton, Parkville, Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy are relatively on the lower scale.

Top Steamboats to Try in Singapore

Singapore’s steamboat offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. The best among the lot are:

1. Tsukada Nodo: Famous for the detailed presentation, you will never find the Tsukada Nodo empty. The crowd puller is popular for the Bijin Nabe collagen hot pot. The pot is a mix of seafood, vegetables and chicken dunked in chicken soup loaded with collagen. The chicken is specially imported from Japan, and the high quality Jidori chicken is what adds to the extra flavor. When brought to the table, the white gooey mass floating over might make you wonder about the taste, but once it melts the flavors burst in your mouth. The meal is wholesome and nutritious. If you do want to make it for dinner her, be sure to book in advance.

2. MK restaurant: Known for its Roast Duck and Thai Hot Pot, MK restaurant is the latest addition to the list of Singapore’s steamboat that serves the best hotpots. The signature dish Thai-style suki pot glazed with MK secret sauce is a hot favorite. For those who want to sample the menu, order the MK Suki Platter which serves small portions of all the restaurant favorites. As for dessert, you must try the coconut milk ice cream. Another recommended dish is the jade noodles and crystal fish egg balls.

3. Nan Hwa Fish Boat: As the name suggests, at Nan Hwa Fish Boat, the best fish head steamboat is served. The restaurant opened its doors in 1927 and still stands as a strong contender. The taste is uncompromisable and unaffected with the passing of time. The steamboat is heated using charcoal and the broth emanates a sweet inviting aroma. The choice for fish includes grouper, promfet, snapper and song fish. The sweetness of the broth is balanced out by the addition of umami. If fish head isn’t something that you would particularly try, choose from the zi char menu for jind du pork or prawn rolls.

4. Hai Di Lao: Infamously famous for the long ques and waiting that exceeds 2 hours on a busy day, the steamboat offered at Hai Di Lao is worth the wait. To pass time while in standing in line, there are board games, free manicures and snacks to keep you fueled. The choices are Sicuhan spicy hot pot, seafood, laksa or chicken soup base. What’s more you get a live performance from the noodle master when you order for the handmade noodles.

Fun Things To Do In Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island in Singapore is the best holiday spot in South- East Asia with theme attractions and activities that are likely to keep visitors engaged for more than a week. Besides interactive 3D and 4D theater experiences for children and adults it has several rides and restaurants along with golf courses, spas and sandy beaches that can be enjoyed by visitors across wide demographic spectrum. If you are on a budget trip and want to get the maximum benefit for every dollar spent then the best option would be to purchase Sentosa Day Pass that will allow you to try out activities worth $200 for as little as $64. People with limited time at their disposal should first make a list of most popular hotspots of the island and then divide their day or days accordingly to avoid disappointment.

We have listed some of the most popular attractions of Sentosa Island that could make your visit worthwhile to this fantabulous pleasure spot. To cut down expenses and time on travel it is advisable to book a hotel near Sentosa instead of traveling between Singapore.

Adventure Cove Water Park

This is a perfect place if you like water sports and tricky rides. There are several options to choose from for adults and children with its own share of fun and adventure which is best enjoyed during off-season when there are smaller queues between rides.

Enchanting Butterfly Park

If you have a fascination for these beautiful creatures of which very few species are still left on earth then a visit to this park will increase your knowledge about them. Visitors can just walk around the area admiring these colorful insects and if they are lucky a rare butterfly specimen may just decide to rest itself on them.

Underwater World

This sea aquarium has an amazing collection of sea animals and fishes that can delight even a regular undersea diver who would not have seen them in such close proximity. Every part of the aquarium has detailed information about fishes that are likely to be seen by viewers that makes it easy for visitors to distinguish between varied marine specimens.

Tiger Sky Tower

For a panoramic view of the island and to get a better idea about attractions to visit, this tower located at 131 meters above ground gives a clear view of Singapore Skyline and also the Southern Islands.

Madame Tussauds

For people that cannot travel to UK to see the handiwork of acclaimed master craftswoman Marie Tussaud, a similar attraction is available in Sentosa. Get ready to be photographed besides statues of stars from sports to music to movie entertainers from around the world.

Budget Weekend Trips in and Around Singapore

Are you planning to move to Singapore? Or have you just arrived at the country for work or pleasure? Whatever may be the reason for your travelling to Singapore, it is the perfect hub for taking short and fast trips in and around the country, as well as, taking weekend breaks. If you plan to visit Singapore during a weekend, you will find that there are various good options for your weekend hotel stay in Singapore .

There are dozens of beautiful destinations around Singapore that can be easily accessed within a few hours by ferry, by air, by train, or by bus. Here are some of the popular destinations that can be easily reached from Singapore to spend your weekend.


· Kuala Lumpur: You can easily travel from Singapore to the capital of Malaysia that can be reached within five hours by bus. The city offers excellent shopping facilities and the famous ‘Twin Petronas Tower’ should not be missed by any chance. Gentings Highlands, which is located at a proximity to Kuala Lumpur, is a popular tourist destination for all those tourists who are travelling from Singapore.

· Johr Bahru or “JB” is a perfect shopping destination for a weekend for a convenient day-trip from Singapore. The place is also famous for golf. You can easily reach there by booking a cab from Singapore or by bus. Shared taxis can be also obtained from Singapore. However, normal cabs of Singapore are not permitted to cross the border and travel to Malaysia.


· Batam can be reached by a brief ferry ride from Singapore. Though Batam is an industrial town in Indonesia, it is also popular for activities such as water sports like wakeboarding, golf, and massages. Reasonably priced day packages at less than $100 include facilities such as lunch, land transfers, ferry transfers between the 2 countries, and an entire day of indulging in wakeboard under trained instructors.

· Bali is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, temples, clubs and surfing. You can travel by air from Singapore and land in the Denpasar airport at Bali. The flight duration is just about 2 and half hours from Singapore. You can choose from several areas in the island based on your budget and taste. For example, Kuta is a great place where you can find lively and cheap lodging in the island. If you are looking for a relaxing and quiet trip, you can visit to Ubud that is nestled in the hills. In case you are travelling in a group, you can avail an excellent deal by booking a nice villa that accommodate from 4 to about 8 people.