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Myths about Living in a Luxury Hotel

There are many online booking sites for luxury hotels that guarantee the best dates to the wannabe guests to save their money. When people book in upscale properties, they are definitely looking for luxurious living in hotels. However, at times there could be certain concealed stipulations, which can actually backfire and you may ultimately end up spending more bucks.

Myths related to luxury hotels are legendary. For instance, there is a popular misconception that the electronic key card of your room stores all information related to your credit card and identity. However, it has been widely refuted. There are several other myths around a luxury hotel and some of them have been busted here.

Myth 1: When any luxury hotel claims all their rooms are identical, they mean it

Irrespective of whether is an independent property or an upscale hotel, two rooms can never be exactly identical in a hotel. If you think carefully, you will realize that they cannot be. But there are many hotels that may try to convince you otherwise. Every floor in a hotel may not be structurally identical. There could be differences in terms of room sizes and the kind of views they offer. But still, they could be costing the same price because the system eyes them as identical. After all, a hotel cannot afford to keep its room empty just because it does not offer the same view as some other guest room. However, that does not mean that you should be disillusioned. So, while you make your reservation, you should be very specific about the kind of features you are looking in your room. Another important point to note here is that you should behave nicely with the hotel’s front office staff. After all, they are the people who make a decision on where to accommodate you.

Myth 2: when a hotel has sold-out its rooms, it will still have an additional guest room available

This is a myth too. In fact, when a luxury hotel is busy, it could actually have a higher number of bookings as compared to its total capacity. So, when the hotel’s staff tells you that all its rooms have been sold out for a particular night, it is actually sold out. You need to remember that it is the first priority for any hotel to have a perfect and complete fill. A perfect fill indicates that all its rooms are booked. If by chance a hotel has held back a room or couple of them that still does not signify availability for you. In an oversold situation, a hotel often books over its 100 percent capacity in most cases as it bets of a possibility of 10 percent of the guests not showing up.

Myth 3: You will get an automatic upgrade if you tell your hotel that you will be spending your honeymoon there

Now, that could be wishful thinking on your part. A good hotel always tries to make your stay a memorable one when it is a reservation for a special occasion. But you need to remember that it could be someone else’s special day too like a honeymoon, an anniversary or a birthday. Plus, there are some people who could claim anything to avail an upgrade in the hotel you need to remember that an upscale hotel will always try to help you whenever they can. Thus, you should be kind to the employees of the front desk and be sensitive about this.

Myth 4: A 4 star hotel in singapore will always give you a better deal as compared to an OTA or online travel agency

On the face value, many might think so since direct room bookings are definitely more profitable for a hotel as compared to bookings done through third parties. However, some experts claim that since many hotels enter into an agreement with these OTAs, the former could be under an obligation to not undersell their online travel agent. In fact, many good hotels have to permit their online agents to undercut their prices.

How to make a budget hotel look more luxurious

Not everyone can afford luxury hotels

Modern life is a crazy life. We are all running against time. At times we need to take a break from the busy schedule. It is impossible to go on working without a break. But when we do a take a break it is important that we go out for a vacation, as a change of environment would truly let us unwind. Usually during such holidays people go out to visit their favorite destination and explore new tourist spots. There is no dearth of tourist spots in this world.

Tourism industry is one of the most successful and thriving industries in the world today. To support tourism industry, an allied industry like the hospitality industry has come up. To make a tourist destination famous, along with sightseeing sites, good and affordable hotels are also a necessity. A tourist destination with a wide array of luxury hotels and budget hotels that serve all kinds of tourists tend to do better that other tourist spots.

During the vacation everyone desires a luxurious living in hotels, but cannot afford it all the time. There is no proper definition of a luxury hotel. Hotels that offer the following experience often call themselves a luxury hotel:

An enriching experience: travelers want to have an enriching experience rather than filling up their handbags. This thirst for experience is fulfilled by luxury hotels so that the travelers feels that their travel story is something worth telling to other.

Simplicity: we go to a luxury hotel to destress ourselves. Luxury hotels often use tags like boutique, curated and artisanal, but lose their simplicity in the process. Hence when travelers come they do not feel that calm for which they have come. Travelers want a simplistic experiencethey want to look out of the window and feel overwhelmed by the scenic beauty outside.

A luxurious feel: travelers nowadays want to go back to the age old definition of luxury that means something rare and involves some emotional investment. Luxury hotels cater to this need by giving you a personalized experience.

But not everyone can afford a luxury hotel as often like a 4 star hotel in singapore . These hotels because of their rating often burn a hole in the pocket. Hence those who cannot afford luxury hotels must look for affordable budget hotels.

How to transform budget hotels to luxury hotels?

It is in your hands how you shall turn your budget hotel into a luxurious experience. Here are some ways in which you can do it very easily:

Check the hotel room: before you decide to settle down in a room, ensue to do a spot check if the bed makes creaking noises, whether the air conditioning is working, see if the sheets are clean. Next move to the bathroom to see if everything is clean and whether warm water is available. Last but not the least, check if the locks are working fine in the room.

Scented candles: once you have checked your room and you are happy, you can invest your time to make it luxurious. Use scented candles to drive away the stale smell from the budget hotel rooms.

Silk pillow case: silk pillow cases exude luxury and comfort and they are also easy to carry. If you are staying at a budget hotel carry some silk pillow cases to at once transform your mundane experience to a luxurious one.

Toiletries: budget hotels do not give luxury toiletries. But that does not mean that you shall not pamper yourself. You can always carry your own set of toiletries to get that luxurious feel.